Best way to crack a coconut

Time to learn something new that maybe you didn’t know, let’s learn the best way to crack a coconut and get that sweet and unique coconut water and meat following these simple steps.

Despite the years, the water of this tropical fruit is still in fashion, the problem is that buying it, the pasteurized version can be a little expensive. So why don’t you try getting the water by your own? The flavor of coconut will be more intense, natural and fresh.

Besides this, you will get that delicious meat that you can use in multiple recipes for cooking and baking.This is easy, just follow the steps to know how to open a coconut.

Opening a coconut to extract the water

You first have to locate the three «eyes», this is located at the stem end of the coconut, for this task, you can use a screwdriver and try which of these eyes is the most softer, then pierce.

The next step is turn down the coconut over a bowl or glass and let the water fell down. When you have get all the water, is time to open the coconut for the meat.

how to open a coconut

How to get the meat

First, preheat the oven to 400 degrees, put the coconut on a baking sheet and let it bake for 20 minutes, or you can let it until you see that the hard outer shell starts to crack.Take out the coconut and put aside until it gets cool, enough to handle. Next, wrap the coconut in a kitchen towel. hold the coconut with one hand, and with the other hand, use the back of a knife to tap the coconut. Or you can use a hammer, it’s easier to handle, and hit the coconut in the same place several times and then open hard.

After this step, separate the coconut meat from the shell using a spoon, you can remove the brown skin with a vegetable peeler if you prefer. Finally, shred, grate or chop the meat, it depends on your needs.

This is how to open a coconut and we can say this is one of the easiest ways we can find, but of course there are more ways to do it. For us this can be the best way to crack a coconut but here we leave you other ways to cut a coconut:

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