How to cut a kiwi easily

The ripe kiwi has a sweet and delicious flavor, hard to compare with any other tropical fruit. We will show you how to cut a kiwi in the correct way, is really easy and you won’t spoil the kiwi fruit.

They can be perfect for smoothie, fruit salads and desserts, you can eat them as a midday snack, it’s hard to find a defect in a ripe kiwi. But cutting kiwis can be a problem because of its thin skin, that makes it hard to peel.

If you feel a little frustrated or very frustrated because of this, we will show you how to peel a kiwi without ay problem. We have some methods that can make this task easier and quickly. Maybe some people have their own method but here we got two methods that we use.

how to peel kiwi

How to cut kiwi using a spoon

You may wonder how do you cut a kiwi with a spoon, well, for this method we will need a pairing knife and a spoon. The first step is cutting both ends off the kiwi, you have to be sure that you’ve cut the tough white bits away. Then, you have to slide a spoon between the flesh and the skin. Slowly, move the spoon around the kiwi to release the flesh. It’ll slip right off, after this you can cut them however you want, in slice it or cut the kiwi in cubes.

Here we’ll show you a video where you learn how to cut a kiwi using a spoon:

How to peel a kiwi using a glass

This is one of the best methods to cut a kiwi we can find out there, you don’t need any type of equipment, anyone can do it and it’s done in seconds. Unlike the method we used previously, you have to slice the kiwi in half lengthwise. Then, place the kiwi fruit on the rim of a short glass, you have to be sure that the rim of the glass is right between the skin and the flesh. After this, slide it down, this will remove the skin of the kiwi and leave the flesh intact, you can apply this method with mangoes too.

Here we leave you a video where you can see how to peel a kiwi using a glass:

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