How to eat kiwi: few steps

Kiwi, also known as kiwi fruit and in some regions as chinese gooseberries, here we’ll show you how to eat kiwi. These delicious tropical fruits are rich in Vitamin C, twice than oranges, they are a great source of vitamin K and E, potassium and fiber.

If you want to take advantage of their vitamins, we recommend you to eat them fresh, this is the best way to eat kiwi. If you wonder if the skin of the kiwi is edible, the answer is yes, they are thin and edible, you just have to wash this tropical fruit and rub off the fuzz like you would for a peach. But some people don’t like the texture of their skin, is all about preferences.


Eating kiwi, how to do it

Select the correct kiwi

Check if the kiwi has blemishes, they usually have brown or green skin covered in a thin layer of fuzz. Search in all the sides to verify that the kiwi doesn’t have spots that are darker in color or black.

You have to check if kiwi is ripe, when they are ripe, they are firm when you touch it. But when you feel that is too hard, is not ripe yet, they should be able to press it in slightly and when the kiwi gives too much, they are overripe.

how to eat a kiwi

Smell the kiwi to feel the ripeness, a ripe one will smell fruity, fragrant and sweet.

If you don’t know how to eat kiwi because is hard and unrippen, you can help the kiwi fruit to get ripe with this tip:

Put the fruit in a paper bag and leave it at room temperature, they should be ready in one or two days, depending on how unripe they are.

How do you eat kiwi, peeling and eating

First you have to rinse very well the kiwi, put it under cool water so you can remove all the dirt even when you don’t see any dirt because sometimes they are treated with pesticides.

Cut the kiwi in the half, with a knife to slice it down the middle, so the kiwi into two halves.

Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh, when the kiwi is ripe, the flesh come out easily. If it doesn’t come out, you may peel the kiwi fruit with a paring knife or vegetable peeler, if you want to keep the whole fruit, the best option is to peel it, then you can cut it however you want.

Finally you can eat the kiwi directly without any problem, slice it in small pieces and mix with other ingredients, when they are fresh and ripe, they have a delicious flavor, like strawberry and citrus.

You can store the kiwi in the refrigerator or freeze them, but after two days it will start losing it’s delicate flavor. So the best option is freezing them.

This is how you can eat a kiwi easily, they are perfect to combine with other fruits and recipes, or you can prepare kiwi-based recipes.

eating kiwi

How to prepare kiwi ice cream, give it a try

Other way to eat kiwi fruit is the ice cream, this ice cream combine the delicate flavor of kiwi and the rich flavors of marshmallow cream. It’s simple to prepare, they just need 3 ingredients, perfect for summer.

  • Peel and chop four kiwi fruits.
  • Put the kiwis in a food processor along with 1 cup of heavy cream and 6 ounces of marshmallow cream. Process until smooth.
  • Freeze the mixture in your ice cream maker.
  • Keep the soft ice cream in the freezer for some hours to harden.

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