How to eat lychee: few easy steps

Eating lychee is one of the best pleasures and here we will show you how to eat lychee. It’s a delicious fruit, they can be enjoyed almost all the year. They are member of the soapberry family, the exotic tree of this fruit is native of China, but actually can grow in different regions of U.S. and other regions of the world.

The lychee, also called litchi, contains huge amounts of antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin B complex, eating this tropical fruit aids in the production of red blood cells and its disease.fighting flavonoids, like quercetin, wich can inhibit heart disease and cancer.

You can find lychee in any market in the world, like canned lychee, and they can be eaten right out of the container, but a fresh lychee fruit can beat easily the canned one in flavor, for this you just need a few minutes of preparation.


Hot to eat a lychee steps

Selecting a ripe lychee

When you buy a lychee or pick them straight from the tree, choose the one with a bright red skin that is larger than 1 inch in diameter. You can check the ripeness by gently pressing on the skin using your thumb. The ripe lychee has to have a vibrant color and should give a little when is pressed, is is too soft, maybe it’s overripe. When a lychee is ripe, they have a lush and floral perfume and their flavor will be sweet.

Peeling the lychee

If you don’t know exactly how to peel a lychee, the thumbnails are perfect for this step for piercing open the bumpy outer, the one which looks like alligator skin. When you already uncovered the skin, gently peel the skin back, a similar technique to peel an orange. The skin of a ripe lychee should come out easily.

how to peel lychee

Remove the seed

If you are preparing lychee to eat fresh or for a recipe, you should retire the seeds, after the fruit is peeled, carefully cut it in the half to reveal the seed. When you open up the two halves, the seed should stick to one of the sides, like the avocado seed stick to one of the sides. Then, use your finger and thumb to pinch and slightly dig under the other side of the seed to remove it. The seed should come out easily if the lychee is totally ripe.

Eat the lychee fruit

After you have done all these process, serve the pitted lychee in a bowl or dish and eat them directly as a summer snack, you can put them in a fridge for a while so they get cold. Fresh lychees have a sweet, crispy, juicy flesh with a signature scent that you won’t find in the canned one.

Store them for later

Refrigerate these tropical fruits wrapped in a dry paper towel, inside a perforated plastic bag or a container with the lid left ajar. They can be conserved up to a week using this method, but the rind can turn brown and hard, if they get gray you have to throw them away.

how to eat a lychee

Use lychee for recipes

If you want to know how to eat lychee fruit combining them with other ingredients, here we show you some tips.

You can make different types of salad and add lychee to them, even the green salads.

You can stuff the flesh, after you peel them and remove carefully the seed without tearing the flesh, stuff them with mix minced nuts, honey and if you want you can add ginger into a soft cheese, like cream cheese.

Boil the fruit with sugar and water so you can create a simple syrup that you can add to a cocktail like martini for example, ice cream and sorbet. They can be used to flavor a sweet summer tea.

This is how to eat lychee using some simple steps, we hope you can enjoy this delicious tropical fruit alone or with a recipe, they and also nutritious.

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