How to cut and eat papaya

Here we’ll show you how to eat papaya, this delicious tropical fruit is full of vitamin B and C, including many other minerals that are good for your health, they are great for weight loss, salads and juice. Papaya can be used for so many things and that makes this fruit unique.

They are orange-colored with sweet flesh and edible seeds that have pepper-like flavor. You can find a lot of variety of papayas, shapes and sizes. For example, the hawaiian papayas are small and the shape is like a pear, while the caribbean and asian are large. They are all delicious and are full of nutrients.

Papaya is good for those who have a sensitive stomach, poor digestion or irritable bowel syndrome, they contain a special enzyme called papain, this make the papaya a powerful digestive aid.

Maybe you don’t know how to prepare papaya or you just want to be sure you are doing it right, here we show you how to eat papaya in the correct way, it’s easy!


1. Choose a ripe papaya

How to know when is a papaya ripe? You can realize that is ripe when the skin turn from green to yellow. If the papaya is ripe, you should be able to press your thumb into the flesh. When you buy them in the market try to pick a really fresh papaya, you can smell them too, if they are still green, you can put in a paper bag of wrap them with newspaper and put them in a cool place.

when is a papaya ripe

2. Slice the papaya in the half

Use a long and sharp knife, cut the papaya in the half, is easy but you have to be careful with your hands. After this separate the two halves so you can see the seeds in the middle.

3. Remove the seeds with a spoon

Use a large spoon to remove all the seeds, they are edible but they don’t taste sweet. Try to do it gently so you don’t take out the flesh too, specially when they are too ripe. You can keep the seeds and use them for your diet, they are good for you and you can use them with other ingredients.

4. Scoop out the flesh

There are different ways to eat papayas, you can eat papaya slices or you can enjoy this tropical fruit by digging into using a spoon. You can use an ice cream spoon and create melon balls with the flesh of papaya. This option is if you are going to remove the flesh without removing the skin.

5. Peel the papaya and cut it in cubes

The best way to peel a papaya es holding the fruit vertically and run your knife down along the skin making a long slice. try not to slice deep so as not to waste the pulp. If you are not very skilled with the knife for this kind of things, you can use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin.

After this you can cut the papaya in cubes, big or little depending on your tastes and eat them with a fork.

ripe papaya

6. Cut the papaya fruit into wedges

The papaya slices are delicious to eat in the breakfast for example, you just have to turn over the fruit and slice into wedges, you decide if you want them thick of thin.

Prepare recipes with papaya

Papaya sorbet

Is a fruit-based ice cream, they are perfect for a warm day and are easy to prepare. You just have to blend the fruit with water, sugar and lemon juice before freezing, serve with fresh papaya and enjoy the summer.

Papaya milkshake

You just have to blend the papaya with milk, sugar and vanilla, you decide how much sugar you prefer or you can replace it with stevia of don’t put any sugar and serve in a cool glass.

This is how to eat a papaya, there are many ways but we think this is the easiest way to do it, we hope you can enjoy these delicious tropical fruits

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