How to eat passion a fruit

This delicious tropical fruit has a high content of fiber and vitamin C, here we’ll show you how to eat passion fruit in the correct way, it’s very easy and everyone can do it.

Passion fruit or Maracuyá is native from South America, it has a mildly sweet flavor, this make it great for eating directly. or you can add to salads or put it in a blender with other fruits or alone for a delicious juice.

The most common passion fruit variety you can find in the United States is the round and purple in color, if you want to enjoy the best flavor of this tropical fruit, choose the fruit that is ripe to slightly over ripe.


Tips for eating passion fruit

They are not difficult to eat, but they are not that easy like eating a pear or apple with just a bite.

  • When choosing the fruit, pick the most heavy that you can find, this means that has more pulp than others. Choose the one with purple or yellow in color, the skin may be smooth or wrinkle, the more wrinkled the skin the more ripper the fruit, this is how you know if passion fruit is ripe. You have to be sure that it doesn’t have any discoloration, green spots or bruising, the green passion fruit means that it’s not ripe.
  • Wash the passion very well to remove and pesticide residue or bacteria that can be still on the skin.
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Steps to eat passion fruit

1st Step

Pick the passion fruit with smooth skin and no discoloration and bruises, a bruise skin indicates that the fruit is already ripe and ready to eat.

2nd Step

Choose the one with a vibrant yellow color, purple or orange color, this is because there are different types of passion fruits. If they are green means that they are not ripe and if the skin has green spots means that the fruit will be less sweet ande juicy.

3rd Step

You have to cut the passion fruit in the half with a sharp knife and scoop out the pulp with the seeds included or if you prefer you can eat it directly from the shell with a spoon.

If you want to know if can you eat passion fruit seeds, the answer is yes, they are crunchy and edible, but the membrane that separates the seeds from the peel are tart. A good option for this is sprinkle sugar over the fruit, the flavor will improve.

Prepare some recipes with passion fruit

You can prepare other recipes with this tropical fruit, mix all the pulp including the seed with other fruits or vegetables, a good combination can be carrot or lemon, or other fruits like apple, all this in a blender to make a delicious and nutritious juice.

You can also heat the passion fruit if you prefer to eat it warm, scoop the pulp and seeds into a small saucepan and warm it low heat for some minutes. Mix it with ice cream when warm and serve it in a bowl.

Substitute the lemon juice with passion fruit juice when baking. Both juices work perfect when they are used for the same foods that you use to prepare using lemon juice, but the passion fruit will add a bit of variety to your food preparation.

can you eat passion fruit seed

This is an excellent recommendation when mixing the passion fruit with other type of food, serve mashed or sliced passion fruit over an ice cream or yogurt, or you can even serve it directly and eat them together, this is an excellent combination and really delicious.

If you were wondering how to eat passion fruit, there are so many ways to combine them with other ingredients,you have to be creative, eating passion fruit is really beneficial for your health and you can add a new fruit to you diet.

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