Hydrate your skin with homemade avocado face mask

When we refer to face masks, the avocado is an excellent option, the homemade avocado face mask is helpful for dry skin or acne. We can find face creams with avocado as an ingredient, a person who know about skin care will recommend this tropical fruit always.

This is because the avocado as a mask offer benefits with different vitamins and minerals like copper, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, these are the most important we can find in an avocado, but there are more benefits.

We can use avocado face mask for acne, reverse effects of aging, improve the skin elasticity or treat sensitive and dry skin, and the best thing is that we can make it at home easily.

As we said before, many of the beauty industry brands started to use the avocado as the main ingredient in their creams, they started to look for different combinations and add other ingredients to improve the results, this is because of the avocado on face benefits we can get and the different facial treatment that people started to use.

avocado mask benefits


How to make an avocado mask?

Now we’ll see the ingredients we need and the combinations we can do with other ingredients to get different type of benefits, it’s all depending on what are your needs.

1- Avocado with oatmeal

How it’s done: We have to cook the oatmeal as usual, we hace to remove the skin and the seed of the avocado and smash it. Finally we mix them and stir until the mashed pulp is disolved.

Benefits we get: Can help to repair damaged skin, you can leave it on your face for 15 minutes.

2- Avocado with honey

How it’s done: This is a very classic one, we need ½ ripe avocado, 2 tbs. hot water and 1 tsp. honey. Use a fork to smash the avocado, dissolve the honey in the hot water and mix with the mashed avocado.

Benefits we get: It’s really good to hydrate the skin and eliminate the acne, we can apply it with the fingers and leave it 10 minutes.

3- Banana, avocado and egg

How it’s done: Peel an avocado and take out the seed, peel a banana too and mix all together with an egg yolk. We have to stir the mixture until we get a creamy texture.

Benefits we get: This avocado face mask is very helpful for those people who have oily skin, you can apply and leave it for 10 minutes. Very good to prevent the acne too.

4- Avocado with yogurt face mask

How it’s done: We need ¼ avocado, 1 tsp. plain organic yogurt and ½ tsp. honey. Smash the avocado, mix the yogurt and the honey, then add the mashed avocado into the yogurt mixture and stir until you get a paste.

Benefits we get: Apply and leave 10 minutes. This avocado mask is good for acne and dry skin.

5- Avocado, orange and honey

how to make an avocado mask

How it’s done: Mix 2 tsp of orange juice, 1 tsp of honey, two droplets of chamomile oil and finally mashed avocado and stir very well.

Benefits we get: The honey is excellent to moisturize the skin and the orange is a good to exfoliate impurities on the face skin.

6- Only avocado face mask

How it’s done: We just need an avocado for this one but this time we don’t smash it, we just cut it in slices.

Benefits we get: Very effective to eliminate the blackheads and restore the shine of the skin, we just put the slices on the face during 15 minutes.

Making your own avocado face mask at home is really easy and you can get all the natural benefits that these tropical fruits have.

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