How to eat an avocado

Here we show you how to eat avocado. These tropical fruits are so tasty and creamy, it’s high in potassium, vitamin E mainly and other nutrients that are important for our health. You can enjoy them in so many ways, it’s too easy to peel them to prepare them to eat.

You can enjoy them at any time and anyway, may be if you don’t know what to eat with avocado, you can enjoy them as a snack or a special ingredient for a delicious recipe, as butter or dips, or include them in your tacos, make sauces like guacamole to add to your meat or even cold drinks, there are so many ways to eat avocado.

Use avocados to add a creamy texture to your recipes, take advantage of its healthy fats and prepare a huge variety of dishes. Just be sure that they are ripe.


How to cut the avocado

Determine if avocado is ripe

The first thing you have to do to know how to eat avocado is determine if the fruit is ripe, for this squeeze gently. If they are ready, it will yield slightly to light pressure. If you feel that is hard when you touch it, it’s not ripe for sure, you can eat it like this of course but it won’t taste the same.

To accelerate the process of ripeness, you can wrap the avocado in newspaper or paper bag and leave them in room temperature.

The avocados that are ripe generally have dark green or almost black skin and will be a bit bumpy.

Cut the avocado in the half

You have to hold the avocado firmly on a cutting board, use a sharp knife and slice the avocado lengthwise, from the top to the end, at the moment you feel that the knife touch the pit, keep the knife firmly and rotate the avocado until you cut around the hole circumference of the avocado.

When you finish cutting it, the avocado should break into to pieces easily, if this doesn’t happen, use your both hands to twist the two halves in opposite directions.

ways to eat avocado

Remove the pit

If you didn’t cut the pit in the half, you can use a spoon, you have to hold firmly the half of the avocado and with the spoon scoop out the pit, put the spoon in the border of the pit and remove it. Or even if you cut the pit in the half use the same technique.

Other way to do it using a knife, hold firmly the half of avocado and burry the knife in the pit, this should be removed easily pulling it out.

Scoop the flesh with a spoon

The best way to take out the flesh and leave the skin is using a spoon, this way you won’t waste anything. It’s almost the same way your scoop out the pit, if it’s a hass avocado, it’s easy to scoop the flesh out with just one movement, if it’s a bigger type scoop several times, just put the spoon just in the middle of the flesh and skin and make the movemet.

This way you can eat avocado directly adding some salt or you can mash it, cut it or whatever you want like using it as an ingredient or even a drink. If you wonder how do you it and avocado, this is the easiest way.

Ways to eat avocado

Use avocado for taco filling

Here we show you what to eat with avocados. After you cut the avocado in half, brush both cut sides with a little bit of oil and put them face down on a hot grill for half minute. After this, remove the avocado from the grill and let them cool, then remove the flesh with a spoon and leave the skin, cut the flesh in slices. Fold the charred slices into tortillas and top with ketchup or fruit salsa, cilantro and crumbled fresh cheese.

eat avocado

Bake avocado with eggs

The first step is to preheat the oven to 450 °F or 232 °C before you start slicing and cutting in cubes. What you have to do is open an egg and put it on the hole that the pit left, if the hole is smaller than the egg and you see it won’t fit there, use a spoon to scoop a bigger hole.

Put the halves into a baking dish and crack an egg, one in each hole and bake for around 10 to 12 minutes.

Hope you and yours enjoy this delicious and nutritious tropical fruit and know how to eat avocado in the correct way, it’s not difficult and the benefits you’ll get are high.

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