Pineapple for your weight loss

This fruit is one of the most famous tropical fruits we know, the pineapple can help you for weight loss. When we think in pineapples, we think in the tropics, beach, is something representative of the coast and summer. It has a lot of uses, we can prepare drinks, ice cream, salads, sweets, etc. It really offers a huge amount of benefits for our health.

Pineapple is full of vitamins that are necessary for our body, is a great source of vitamins C, B, fiber and minerals like the manganese. This fruit can accelerate your metabolism and boost fat loss.

We can make the pineapple diet, we can include it in our foods and take advantage of its benefits, is very good for weight loss, but you have to be careful and don’t consume it so much that you excess you daily calorie.

You can find a lot of options to buy this tropical fruit, you can find the pineapple for weight loss frozen, canned, fresh, it’s all up to you to decide which you prefer, there is nothing like the fresh products but for some people the canned one is more convenient.

It doesn’t matter how you eat them, the pineapples for weight loss can be consumed in slices or squares, you can cut them in chunks to prepare a delicious smoothie or even cut it little pieces so you can eat them like a snack.

pineapple diet


Is the pineapple good for weight loss? Why?


People who are specialist in sports say that the pineapple contain bromelain, this compound speeds up the digestion process, which leads to increase the metabolism, there are detractors of this version, but there are cases that confirm that the pineapple can help in the weight loss, but obviously, you need to have a correct diet.

Take down the calories

The fruits are recommended as an alternative to process sugary foods, but pineapple may contain high amounts of sugar if we compare it with other type of fruits. A small piece of it can contain around 17 grams of sugar and around 2 gr of fiber. We can include the pineapple for its benefits of weight loss but we have to be careful with how many calories we consume, so we can’t overpass our limits, but the pineapple is very nutritious and will bring a lot of benefits for us.


The bromelain is found in the stem of the pineapple and it’s also known as pineapple enzyme, the principal function of this enzyme is to break down some compounds of the food, this is the reason the pineapple is known as a weight loss fruit. What bromelain do is break down protein, this can help in the digestion.

pineapples weight loss

Source of fiber

Really good for your gut, contains a good amount of fiber which aids digestion, is good to include it in our diet to improve our digestive health, fiber is good to boost out metablism.

Source of vitamin C and antioxidants

Pineapple is full of vitamin C and antioxidants, we need both to have a strong inmune system and prevent virus and diseases, antioxidants help in the elimination of free radicals, this prevent the oxidative stress.

Good amount of carbs

There are people who eat too much and sometimes can’t control it, so we can replace that kind of food with a bowl full of chunks of pineapple with black pepper sprinkled. Is a good source of carbs, they are good for our health but we have to consume carbs in moderation, and even more if you are trying to lose weight.

Source of manganese

Is a good source of manganese, which is necessary to control the elevated blood pressure, and blood sugar level. Is good to regulate fat and carbs in the blood which aids in weight loss.

As we said before, pineapple can help us with weight loss but it’s a complement of different factors, like exercise and a good diet, no fruit or vegetable can make us lose weight by itself, this is a process accompanied by different factors to reach that objective. On of the best exercises we can do is cardio, those that made you sweat a lot, like running, walking long distance, aerobics, dancing, among others.

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